Foundation Phase: Kindness Calendar

Through these times it is always good to be kind because “Everyone deserves kindness; it is essential for us to thrive” The Kindness School Foundation have created a free kindness calendar each week. 

The activities are designed with a focus on pupil and family wellbeing. 

Activities are structured into i) kind to me, ii) kind to others and iii) kind to the planet.

What the Kindness Calendar includes;

  • One activity per day

  • One theme per week

  • Links to relevant website

This week’s theme is: LOOKING AFTER OURSELVES
We will post a new calendar each week. 
Please let us know if you have done any of these tasks through PurpleMash blogs or Hwb.

pdf icon kindness-calendar-pdf.pdf

Foundation Phase: Nursery and Reception Home Learning Grid

Hope you all have had a good week and have been staying safe!
It has been lovely to see some of you doing the PurpleMash tasks and keeping in touch using the PurpleMash blog. So, thank you for that!
I have created a Home Learning Grid with some practical activities to support your child’s learning which can be done over the coming weeks. Please keep in touch using the PurpleMash blog to let me know how you are all getting on. 
Miss Davies 

pdf icon Home-Learning-Grid.pdf

Foundation Phase: Helpful Resources

Reception – use this link to support with Jolly Phonics sounds that the children have been learning each week.

Nursery We have been using numberblocks to introduce a number a week. This page can be used to support their learning. They have some nursery rhymes and games to support their understanding  of number.

Numberblocks – CBeebies – BBC Sing along and learn all about numbers with the Numberblocks!

Many Thanks  Foundation Phase Team

Foundation Phase: Week 5

Week 5 has been a busy week full of different activities. Nursery have been focusing on number 2.  They have listened again to the story Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp  and we completed a mini review. Did we enjoy it? and we talked about our favourite bit and then drew a picture.  They have also been practicing their counting skills in the classroom and decorating a dinosaur by copying patterns. Reception have continued with Jolly Phonic sounds. They have been focusing on the traditional tale ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and in Maths they have been practicing counting objects, recognising and forming numbers. Reception have been learning what dinosaurs eat and comparing them to what we eat.  As well as all of this, they have completed various independent activities to practice their skills in the areas of the classroom.  Hear is to another busy week next week!

pdf icon collage-1.pdf