General Policies and Documents

Data Protection Register – Entry Details

Acceptable use FP 

Acceptable use KS2

Acceptable use Staff

Accessibility Plan

Admissions Policy

Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy

Attendance Policy

Blended Learning Policy

Ysgol Brynffordd Online Learning Live Streaming and Video Conferencing Agreement

Challenging Bullying Policy 2020

Charging Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Complaints Procedure Policy

Curriculum Policy

DBS Model Policy

Digital Learning Policy

Brynford Primary Educational Visits Policy 2019-2022

Fire Emergency Policy January 2020

Flintshire Schools Model Recruitment and Selection Policy s 2019 v1 (1)

GwE Schools – PDG Statement 2018-2019

GwE Schools – PDG Statement – 2019-2020

FCC Schools Health Care Needs Policy

FCC Model School H&S Policy

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme V3


Flintshire Hygiene Policy

Flintshire Schools Model Pay Policy 2019

Information Governance Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Online Safety Policy

Physical Intervention Policy

Prevent Policy

Professional Learning Grant 2019-20

Pupil Discipline Policy

Redundancy Policy

Risk Assessment Version 12

School Model Lettings Policy

School Model Safeguarding Policy

School Transport Protocol September 2021

Strategic Equality Plan 2020_2024 Ysgol Brynffordd English

Teaching and Learning Policy

Welsh Government Data Privacy Notice

Welsh Government Pupil Information – Your Guide

Welsh Langauge Development and Bilingualism

Ysgol Brynffordd School Behaviour Policy

Brynford Primary Privacy Notice V5

Ysgol Brynffordd workforce privacy notice V2 – STAFF

Ysgol Brynffordd School Transport Policy









Fire Emergency Policy June 2020 Covid-19

Model Cleaning and Maintenance Procedure (Schools)_June 2020

Guidance on cleaning standards for school toilets_June 2020 (1)

Privacy Notice Addendum COVID-19 October 2020

School Model Lettings Policy COVID-19