Class 3: Day 2

Evening everybody!
Wow, what a day we have had today. It has been packed full of activities. After breakfast we went caving, some tight squeezes but we all managed to navigate through caves. 
We then went abseiling, we all had a go from the top, it was great. Everyone was encouraging each other and we worked as a team to help our friends. 
We then had a scavenger hunt, we had to use the items found from our scavenger hunt to make a mini camp area for survival.. which fits perfectly with our topic. 
We had lunch then split into our two groups, and over the afternoon did archery and the leap of faith. 
You all would be so proud to see your children and how resilient they were and how encouraging they were to their friends and also to us as teachers. The leap of faith consisted of climbing up a pole and standing on a small platform then jump off and try and hit the ball.  
Everyone had a go even if it was just to climb up the pole, but your children were truly incredible today. 
We have had our evening meal and now completing the final activity of the day before pacing and getting ready to come home tomorrow. 
Catch up with you tomorrow morning, 
Nos da,
Miss Davies and Mrs Roberts.. also we have a visit from Mrs Parry 😀