Foundation Phase: Fine Motor Skills

Please find some information about fine motor skills and how to develop your child’s fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are necessary for performing everyday academic, play, and self-care skills.
Within the classroom, we have fine motor ‘Funky Finger’ activities and we take part in ‘Disco Dough’. Please see attached ‘What is Disco Dough? for more information on this.
We would like to encourage ‘Funky Finger’ activities to take place at home. We have found daily short burst ‘Funky Finger’ time has a positive impact on children’s fine motor skills. 
At home, we would like you to pick a different activity a day to complete for 5 minutes, where possible. These activities do not need to include lots of preparation and some activities you can incorporate into your normal daily activities. There are lots more on the internet if you wish to look for more. 
Happy Finger Moving!
Many Thanks,
Miss Davies, Mrs Harris and Mrs Williams.

pdf icon What-is-dough-disco.pdf
pdf icon Fine-Motor-Skills.pdf