News: Class 2

Hello Class 2,
I hope you are all keeping safe and well and no doubt lots of you, from your messages to me today, are having a super time in the snow. Take care whist outside having fun too!
I just wish to say how so very pleased I am that the majority of our class now have access to our on-line learning. The work has been brilliant and some super photos of models and diagrams have been uploaded too. I hope you are finding our new topic exciting and from your research , learning lots of interesting facts about the Solar System. 
Mrs Roberts has been able to upload a video tutorial of how to navigate around Google Classroom to help remind you what to do and you should be able to see this in your Stream.
Keep up the super work Class 2,

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe and well,
Kindest regards, From, Mrs Shickell and Mrs Greenough