News; Class 2

Hello Class 2, I hope you are all keeping well and making some special memories with your family during this time away from our classroom.
I am just messaging you all to say “Diolch yn fawr” for the work and the lovely messages you are sending through to myself and to Mrs Greenough. We share these with each other when we are at the Hub. So, massive thanks to you all for the hard work you are doing and we miss you all very much. 
We would just like to let you know that we have now set daily 2do’s on your Purple Mash accounts. There is work set daily that is based on a story, chapter by chapter. Each new day brings different tasks that are all set on the same book. The stories are great… we are sure you will really enjoy them. Each of the chapters you read cover different areas of the curriculum too, so you will be able to develop your ideas and your interests whilst you are learning at home.  We  think they are interesting and cover lots of different tasks and they will keep you busy when you feel like setting about working on your school tasks.
I hope you all enjoyed our class story updates.Timmy did eventually learn the rules at his new home and it all ended happily, so that is good news! Why not write your own sequel to the story…. it’d be great to share these when we return to school as your predictions were great so it would be great to hear how you’d like the story to continue…. just a thought…
Anyway, take care everyone, should you need any further information please email or message me on our Purple Mash blog page and I will get back to you.
Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all back at school when it is safe to do so,

Fondest best wishes to you all and your families, From, Mrs Shickell and Mrs Greenough.