News: Class 2 update.

A message for Class 2 and Parents/Carers,

Well, I just thought I should update you all to let you know how things are getting along in Class 2. To tell everyone what we are getting up to and what we are learning during this “new normal” time at school.

Firstly, I just need to say a MASSIVE well done to everyone. You really are all superstars for your cooperation and using fantastic listening skills when listening to new rules and messages that we need to share with you during this unusual time for us in school. We have had to change and adapt some of our class rules to allow us to work comfortably, so well done. Da iawn.

You have all settled in well, back into life at school and learning to adapt to the new procedures in our class, from individual work wallets, your own pencil pots and having our lunch in our classroom too. You really do make me proud of your maturity and understanding. Da iawn pawb.

We have also started our new topic – all about Castles. We have used our “pupil voice” to share our ideas what we would like to learn about and have even put the ideas into the new areas of learning…. we have discovered that we will be learning a lot of Humanities this term as well as developing our Numeracy skills in finding out the date castles were first built and also the distances of the castles from where we live. We have even researched the names of the different parts of the Castles and then used our computer skills to locate this information using the internet.

In English we are looking at extended grammar and punctuation to help us in our writing and also a focus on handwriting too.

Mathematics is making great progress. We have started to revisit the four rules of Number and are working well in this too. In Science we are looking at materials and their different uses. Welsh has also started well with our work on Pod Antur… this is proving very popular….and in Outdoor Games we have been learning how to play Hockey, what a great time we have had learning how to hold the hockey stick and dribble with the ball whilst keeping our eyes on our team members too.. lots to learn but you are doing brilliantly.

We have a weekly spelling list to practise at home and we need to try and learn our timestables and also try and read as often as we can too. Lots to keep us busy! 

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be using Google classroom as a learning tool to share our class and homework too, we have already started to familiarise ourselves with it in school however, we need to be happy and confident that we can work independently on it before we have tasks to work on at home…. 

 A ‘help sheet’ will be sent home with your codes and passwords to help you too when we are certain we know how to get the best out of the tool.

It has been a very busy but productive return to school. It is so lovely to hear children chatting with their peers and also sharing their feelings and emotions with each other too. 

This is what makes Brynford school a very special place to teach and for learners to learn, your ability to adapt to the “new normal” makes me proud to be your Teacher.

Well done Class 2, we have lots of exciting things to look forward to this term and let’s hope we can continue to make progress and enjoy our time together learning new things every day.

A busy term ahead that has started with positive learning attitudes…. Keep it up Class 2.


Mrs Shickell and Mrs Greenough