News: CLASS 2 update

Hello Class 2,
I hope you are all keeping safe and well.  It is lovely to hear you have been making some special memories whilst away from school.
I just want to say a MASSIVE WELL DONE to those children who have been busy working on the  2do’s on Purple Mash and for sending blogs to our Class blog page. I have sent blogs to the Class page also, and therefore, thank you to those who have replied….It is really super to know that you are keeping yourself busy. It is also great to read the comments you include with tasks that you complete as this helps me to evaluate  your learning. So, THANK YOU very much for doing this.
I have set new tasks for you to work on , there are also new books for you to read and complete  the activities based on the chapters…. from your messages I can see you enjoy these very much.
Please remember to ‘Log On’ as often as you can to have a look what is set for you as some of the tasks, I will be closing soon and therefore, there won’t be any of these saved in your folders. So, please have a look and have a go at some of the tasks on there…. there are quite a few now!
Anyway Class 2, stay safe and well and should you need any further information or just to say hello, drop me a message and I will get back to you,
Thank you for your hard work,
Take care, From, Mrs Shickell.