News: Covid-19 drop in vaccination clinic


There will be a COVID-19 drop in session – Mon 17 Jan 22 – St Peter’s Church, Rosehill, Holywell, CH8 7TL – 10am to 6pm

This clinic is for those aged 12 years and above to receive their first, second dose and 18+ to receive their first, second and booster doses   

Mae gennym sesiwn galw heibio COVID-19 – 17/01/2022 – Eglwys St Peter, Rosehill, Trefynnon, CH8 7TL  –  10am i 6pm

Mae’r clinig hwn ar gael i’r rhai rhwng 12 oed ac yn hŷn i dderbyn eu dos 1af,2il ddos ac I oedran 18+ I dderbyn eu dos 1af, 2il dos, neu eu brechlyn atgyfnerthu