News: Hey Girls

Sustainable period products direct to your door


The Council is committed to period dignity for all children and young people in Flintshire and we have teamed up with Hey Girls, an award-winning UK-based period product company, to deliver free, period products right to your door!

Period pants and period cups are the reusable answer to managing your period. You can choose a one-off delivery of reusable products which are not only good for you, but good for the environment.

You will also get a three months’ supply of disposable products – a convenient way to manage your period. Choose one of our product bundles! All these disposable products are made from environmentally-friendly materials that biodegrade.

If you are aged 8-18 years and attend a school in Flintshire, please visit to apply for free period products.

Here’s what some of the students have to say:

“I think that reusable pads are good because they are environmentally friendly as they reduce plastic waste.I also think that they are better and more comfortable.”

“I believe that everyone should have access to reusable pads and also disposable pads.The idea of mailing products to your home is good, people may be embarrassed to ask for pads and this would be a lot more discreet.”

“I believe that period products are an essential item, not a luxury, and every girl and woman should have access to them.”

Hey Girls is a period product social enterprise. For every product it sells it donates the equivalent product to someone in need. Since the community interest company was established in 2018, Hey Girls has donated over 19 million period products. Its aim is to help eradicate period poverty, enable better access to quality period products for all and to stomp out the stigma and bust the myths and taboos that surround periods.

This project has been funded by Flintshire County Council via the Welsh Government’s period dignity grant 2021/22.

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