News: Music Lessons

For the parents of pupils who currently receive music lessons in school, please find below a communication from Flintshire County Council Music Service.

Dear Parent/Carer,

Flintshire Music Service would like to thank you for your support during this challenging period. We are researching how we can create digital learning opportunities that maintains the e-safety of the young musicians and staff members and hope to have a solution soon. However, for us to be successful we will need your email address, not least for any video conferencing software we will use and to ask for your permission for this. To facilitate any on- line lessons or sessions, I would be grateful if you would complete the google form using the link below:

We will also be releasing more musical opportunities and activities through Theatr Clwyd’s website;www.theatrclwyd.comso keep a close eye for more creative content across all art forms coming soon.

Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter.

Kind regards,