News: North East Wales Archives – competition time!

North East Wales Archive Service is running a campaign for local residents to record the unprecedented period of history which we are currently living through. 

The service has also launched a campaign for children to write a letter to ‘future children’ to explain how the current lockdown has changed their lives.   Details of both campaigns are set out below.

My Life During Lockdown

North East Wales Archives (NEWA) wants to record the experiences of people in Flintshire and Denbighshire during this unprecedented period in history.

The purpose of keeping archives is to preserve historical records to aid future understanding of events, people and places in history. The service hopes to create an archive of information and images for future generations to help them understand how much the current situation is affecting the local community and impacting on the lives of everyone involved.

Are you in lockdown at home, or going out to work in a changed and uncertain environment? How is it affecting your daily life? 

NEWA would like to hear about the positive aspects as well as the unsettling and challenging ones! If you are keeping a daily journal or would like to contribute a poem, drawing, painting or a photograph depicting how life during lockdown looks to you, they would love to hear from you!  Photographs could include images of shops closed down; deserted streets; usually crowded areas looking incongruously empty; wildlife returning to unexpected places.

E-mail your writing/images, with your name and address, to:

[email protected]for Flintshire residents, and[email protected]for Denbighshire residents. 

The best contributions will be selected to form part of an historic collection of memories and in the future will help people to understand what the current situation meant to people living in North East Wales. 

A letter to future children

NEWA is also running a competition for the best ‘Letter to Future Children’ written by school-age pupils living in Denbighshire and Flintshire. Write a letter, to be read by children in 100 years’ time, to tell them how your life has changed since you were sent home from school.

• What are you doing every day? 

• What is it like being at home all the time without seeing your friends and extended family? 

• Are you having to go to school, and, if so, is it strangely quiet? 

• How are your family coping with working at home or going out to do essential work? 

• Above all, tell the future children what you are missing most and enjoying most!

• Please include a drawing, showing how life looks to you at this strange time in history! 

All letters will be included in the ‘Letter to Future Children’ Archive and preserved for future generations to read. The winner will receive a prize of a £20 Amazon Voucher and have their letter shared online. 

Again, e-mail your letters, with your name and address, to:

[email protected]for Flintshire residents, and[email protected]for Denbighshire residents.