News: Walking and Cycling in Flintshire

Please see the information below and participate if possible please.

As you may already be aware, we are aiming to make journeys on foot or by cycle across Flintshire easier and safer for everyone, particularly those who don’t currently walk or cycle often and people who use mobility aids. So over the coming month we will be undertaking an online consultation to give people the opportunity to get involved and we want to encourage as many people across Flintshire as possible to engage in this. It is important that people share their ideas with us because we use the ATNM to guide our work to improve walking and cycling within the county.

So that we can collect people’s ideas and suggestions we have developed an interactive map that enables people to pinpoint places across the county and leave comments and feedback. This will help us make sure that the routes built for walking and cycling work for the whole community. The online map is open for comments to be added until 1 July 2021 so further information and the chance to leave feedback and add comments go to